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The most frequent questions I get about my essences are "How do I use
them?, or What can I use them for?"

While each of the Angel Song essences has its own purpose, we very often
have situations that require a combination of essences, to address different
aspects of the issue we are seeking to heal or release.

As a result, the Angels have guided me to create this series of
, each with their ownspecific focus, to address
your needs and desires
in a more practical and user-friendly way!

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Introducing the NEW Angel Song™ Essences
Special Blends

    Funk Blaster!
    We all get in a funk at times, feeling down, dealing
    with issues we don't know how to handle, our
    energy and will drained.

    This awesome blend of seventeen essences can
    blast you out of a funk in minutes! The angelic
    energies and positive vibrations in this essence
    pull you away from the funk focus—that
    continuous loop of negative thinking that keeps you stuck and

    I originally created this blend for ME, because I get stuck sometimes,
    too--and boy does it work!!

    Funk Blaster! essence works by blasting you out of the negative
    state you are in.  It raises your vibration, makes you feel better about
    yourself, gets you back into a creative flow, moves you back into Soul
    alignment, breaks apart those endless ego thought loops, and restores
    your physical and mental energy.

    The first time I used it, I felt better within 15 minutes, and had
    awesome mental energy and clarity, along with a return of my
    physical energy and a MUCH more positive frame of mind!

    This is a GREAT essence to have on hand when you
    need it!!
    Fear Buster

    This blend of essences can help break the
    grip of fear!

    Whether we are dealing with that
    undercurrent of fearful thoughts, or our
    minds are stuck in an endless replay of what-ifs, fear filled
    expectations and scenarios, fear can keep us thoroughly rooted in
    place, unable to see the way forward--or to take  the next step we can
    see, in fear of what may come.

    I have been in this place, drained of energy and the ability to make a
    decision, trying to hide from dealing with it. Every cell in your body
    feels like it is swimming in fear, and your mind won't release its focus
    on the negative.

    Fear Buster essence fills you with Love energies, like Love,
    Gratitude, Harmony, Forgiveness, Joy, and more. It is a metaphysical
    principle and fact that fear and love can not exist in the same space
    at the same time--so flooding you with all this Love and Light has to
    bust loose the fear!

    You could start feeling the effects within minutes, and use it
    as often as you need, to keep releasing focus on negative and fearful

    This is another GREAT essence to have on hand, because
    you never know when you will need it!!
    Free the Inner Child

    This blend is for deep work with your Inner Child.

    We ALL have a Wounded Child inside. It is
    one of the archetypes that everyone carries. These
    wounds are most often created in our childhood,
    during our foundational years. These wounds set
    us up for continuous re-woundings throughout
    our lives, as our ego minds apply the same
    emotional response--in adulthood--that we had to similar experiences
    as a 4 yr old.

    Because these wounds form the foundation of your ego belief and
    response systems, they are often very resistant to releasing. The
    common factor in all our wounds is a denial of self-love. We have
    "learned" from others to see ourselves as somehow damaged,
    unworthy, or not good enough.

    Free the Inner Child essence contains all three "I Love" essences,
    and packs a powerful punch, along with Divine Grace and Divine Love,
    releasing, DNA repair to remove trauma, owning your own power and
    aligning with Soul, and more.

    This is a powerful blend! The depth of your Inner Child's wounds
    will determine the strength of the effect you feel. I took it after creating
    it, and my nose started running within 5 minutes!
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Essence Blends


    A blend of twenty-seven essences,
    this is not just about financial
    abundance, it is for allowing
    and receiving abundance in
    ALL areas of your life.

    It carries a strong positive focus,
    filled with gratitude, love and
    letting go; joy, passion and creative power. There is deep heart work,
    too, opening you to receive abundance in all its positive

    Some of the first things you will notice are lightness, positivity,
    emotional balance, and feelings of greater appreciation for who you
    are as a person. Things that might normally bother you, will more
    easily be let go.

    Opening to receive is the cornerstone of abundance, and moving into
    a stronger state of self-love paves the way. You will move into closer
    alignment with your Soul, and into your Vortex of Prosperity, as you
    continue to use this essence. Some things may come to you right
    away, others require more time, releases and healing.

    This is another very powerful blend, which may produce some strong
    emotional releases as you move closer to accepting and celebrating
    your own self-worth!
    Healing and Immunity
    Support +

    cabinet, it is THAT good!!

    Based on my own experience and that of a
    number of volunteers who tested it for me,
    this essence gives miraculous results!
    I have had it heal me COMPLETELY of injuries--muscle pulls,
    bruises, etc. from a nasty fall on asphalt. I woke up the next morning
    like nothing had happened. Others have reported similar results.
    Here is one of them:

    As of yesterday you can't tell that I had an allergic reaction to the
    weeds I pulled on Tuesday. No swollen eye, no red marks, I am in
    awe of just how amazing the essences work. I use them daily with my
    (spiritual) work. But I am just blown away how fast it cleared up my
    allergic reaction. Normally it takes 4-6 weeks to go away and even
    then wherever I have the hives a deep red mark stays for months. I
    used 7 capfuls everyday and focused my intentions on the hives
    especially my eye. Thank you Chris that was a wonderful experiment

    For more chronic or long-standing issues, this essence works more
    slowly, as the wounds and symptoms are more deeply entrenched in
    our bodies and in our energy fields, and affect more parts of our
    Being, but they still help tremendously in both the short and long run!

    Like most of the Angel Song Essences,
    I originally created this blend to help
    me heal my own feelings of un-
    worthiness, an issue we all have in
    some form.

    Too often, we are taught that we have to measure up in some way, to
    other people's rules or opinions to have any worth, to be loved or
    accepted. This is one of our biggest blocks to abundance and

    As a companion to Abundance!, it addresses and works to release
    worthiness issues like fear of failure or rejection, desire for
    acceptance and approval, abundance issues related to being worthy,
    emotional dependence on others’ good will and support. Helps us to
    move into self-love and self-esteem in alignment with our Soul and
    True Self. Opens us to receive.

    Once we can fully appreciate our own divine magnificence, with all of
    our gifts and talents, we move into a path of fulfillment and Soul
    connection that brings us into the flow of our own Vortex of

    If you are having issues with abundance, this is a great essence to
    help break open your blocks!
    Divine Fusion

    Wow!! This is the ultimate tool for ascension, or fusion with your True Self!

    It can safely be used at any stage of your spiritual growth, continuously, bringing you into alignment
    and connection with your True, Soul Self and Divine Power and Light.

    It contains all eleven Chakra essences and all nine of the Angel essences as part of the mix, providing
    powerful clearing and maintenance of your core energy system, and core attributes, at all levels of
    your Being.

    The Divine Fusion essence blend is designed to gently accelerate you into 5D and beyond. It facilitates transformation and
    adaptation to change, helping you to ride the waves, with a clearer perception than your ego mind would have you believe!
    This is what many of us are here for, and the angels have just guided me to create the means to make it easier for us!

    As we move into closer alignment with our Divine Blueprint and release the things we have been holding onto, I am told that
    we will naturally move into alignment on the physical level, and experience better health, higher energy, and release of what no
    longer serves our body blueprint!
Angel Song™ Essences--Special Blends
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  • Funk Blaster
  • Abundance!
  • Worthiness
  • Inner Child
  • Divine Fusion
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