Come into the presence of Angels, wrapping their golden light of Divine Love
around you as we work together to help you heal and release the things that are
causing you pain, and lead you closer to your Divine core
of Truth, Balance and Peace.

Illumination Angel Therapy™
is just one of the tools I have been blessed with to bring you into
a state of Self-Empowerment and awareness, aligned with your
Soul Purpose.

The Illumination Therapy process is one in which I act as proxy for you, calling
for the angels and healing that they show me is needed.
(angels can do nothing for
us without our asking, so they show me what they need to do, and I do the "asking"
on your behalf!)

Once asked you begin to receive direct transmissions from the angels themselves,
while I "read" your energies to see what is happening, and what more may be
needed, letting you know if there is anything you need to do. It is an extremely
powerful experience that provides a level of healing and release you cannot get any
other way!

We work together to let your Spirit guide the way to your wholeness
of being--using the most appropriate and effective methods to do so.

Your angels guide me to use the tool that best provides for your needs
in each session. These include my strong, loving connection with the Angelic Realm,
who are the greatest healing resource available to man;
intuitive guidance; Heartlight Angelic Healing™; healing meditations;
Divine Guidance Readings, lots of listening and plain old-fashioned straight talk!

You will be brought to places of deep release that have been blocking
your way forward so you can touch and embrace your True Self,
and the life that comes from aligning with soul.

If you are ready for the freedom and joy that full release can bring, and yearn for
deep connection with the Divine part of you,
then you are ready for the healing that my unique brand of
Illumination Therapy™ can provide!

Illumination Therapy
 is done in 60 or 90 minute sessions.
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    Spiritual Coaching & Mentoring

    Moving into 5th Dimensional existence can be a very challenging experience!

In the move from 3D into 4D, you learned that you are MUCH more than you ever imagined you are. You learned that
you have spiritual gifts and talents, energy fields around your body and what they do, how to access your intuitive gifts
and spiritual guidance, and much more.

4D mode, is all about sucking up information like a sponge; taking classes, reading books, joining groups and finding out
where others on the same place in their paths are hanging out. You do all this while continuing to practice using your
gifts, getting more comfortable and fluent with them---gaining confidence. However, you still go about your day
according to the
mental model of existence, except when you are directly engaged in spiritual pursuits.

At some point, it dawns on you that you are not playing by the same "rules" any more--the techniques and methods of
the mental, 3D, model no longer yield the results you expect. In fact, it seems that things have turned topsy-turvy.
Instead of doing, doing, doing, you are being guided to step aside and let go.

You have now entered your 5D training--the current goal of your spiritual evolution, and I am here to help you navigate
your way through the new rules and pitfalls. Trust me, having a guide to help you figure out all the "what the heck?"
scenarios would have been a real gift for me!

There are also times when things in your experience seem so "Twilight Zone" that you may begin to doubt your own
sanity. It's really good to have someone else who's been there to help you become grounded in this new reality!

Contact me in the yellow box to set up your first session, and come armed with your frustrations and questions!
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Rev. Chris Oldham,
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    "Letting the Angels Light your Way Home"
    ~At your core, all life's solutions and possibilities
    lie in wait for you to come home to them.~

    Get Un-Stuck!

    Climb out of failure, hopelessness, fear, grief, depression and desperation to
    find the message and embrace the big shifts in your life that big change brings.

  • What is your soul calling for?
  • What are your deepest desires?
  • What is blocking your path to that dream?
  • What fears, false beliefs and behaviors are standing in your way?

    Have you had enough? Are you ready to listen to the clarion call of your Soul?
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