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Divine Guidance Angel Reading

WOW, I just experienced an amazingly, powerful Angel card reading from Rev. Chris Oldham. It looks
like my New Year agenda is much more miraculous then I could have ever imagined.

This reading gave me guidance, directions, solutions and knowingness of my unlimited potential here on
planet earth! My quest is started, and I am in for the long hall of change, opportunity, growth, peace
and awakening of power and love.

The vibration and affirmations that came through in today's reading were
I urge you to book your reading today!!!

~Rev. Linda Heimermann~
Divine Guidance™
Angel, Oracle &Tarot Card Readings

What do YOUR loved ones want you to know??

Not long after my father died, I discovered that he was available to bring others' loved ones
through for us to connect with them, in a safe and protected way. Then, not long ago, the
angels started bringing my clients' relatives and loved ones to us during readings without

They were sending messages through the cards!

Although I have the ability to connect with some of your loved ones on the other side,
I have not, and really don't want to cultivate mediumship talents.

However, I have another way for you to get messages from those who have gone on from this
life, using Angel and Oracle cards. This is not a straight mediumship session,
it is more like
a card reading guided by your loved one, transmitted through the
angels--and I never know what will come through!

Our loved ones have much they want us to know and help us with. Recently, my Dad came
through and told me he had been assigned as one of my Guides--how wonderful is that!

During these readings, you will actually feel the loving presence of the person you wish to
hear from--and sometimes others want to come through, too! The love that comes through
when this happens overwhelms me with its intensity, as it will you. There is nothing to hold
any portion of their love back any more!!

Contact me soon to connect with your very special and dear departed
friends and family, waiting in the Light for a reunion!

**Use YELLOW box on the left or email below. I will reply via email
to set up your reading and give you the fee.
I love meeting the amazing and wonderful folks the angels send to me!**

When you REALLY need to know the answers to, and receive
guidance about, life's issues, problems and puzzles,
from a Higher Perspective

There is nothing better than getting the inside scoop from the Angels!!

Whatever you are seeing play out in the physical realm, ALWAYS has deeper
currents and causes running beneath the surface, stirring things up, and bringing
them into a new state of Divine Order.

The Angels have a ringside seat, and input, to the creative happenings behind the
scenes, and can bring us the knowledge we need to move confidently through life's
challenges and opportunities.

These readings bring real healing and understanding to the events
and issues in your life.

Through my connection, the angels bring you knowledge, wisdom, solutions and
hope--taking you to a higher perspective from which to view the issues at hand.

Very often, the angels will provide on the spot healing of blocks that are
keeping you from solving the issue confronting you.

All readings can be booked in 60 or 90 min sessions @ $50/$75.
(special rates for group readings)
~~Contact me in yellow box at left~~

Specialty Readings

Birthday/New Year Reading--Your year ahead!-What does your Soul Plan
have in store for you in the coming year? Reading also includes some information on
the important numbers to be aware of, such as the current year in your Soul cycle.
This reading takes two hours, is recorded on video and sent to you.
Fee for this specialty reading is $111

Divine Plan--find out where you are on your path,what your challenges are, what
the angels are helping you to do or find, what you need to let go of, how your talents
and  abilities will be affected, and the gift that awaits when you complete your Divine
Plan. This can be done as a
Master Plan reading, or for the current segment of the
plan you are now working through.

Angel Tarot Readings--Enjoy the qualities of a Tarot reading, but with the Light
and Loving energy and messages of the Angels using
Doreen Virtue's Angel and
Archangel Power Tarot Decks
. The Angels LOVE these two decks
and guide me to use them all the time!

These readings make wonderful gifts! Ask me about gift
certificates or pre-paid bookings to give as gifts for special
occasions, or just because.
I offer:

Path to Truth--"why is this

Prosperity Spread--what's
blocking your inflow and success?

Soul Destiny--what did you
come here to do, and how?

Pet reading--what are the keys
to your pet's happiness?

Raphael's Healing--what's
causing this, what's needed to heal

Decision time--exploring
outcomes of different paths

Ask a Question--Quick insights
into life's questions

Love and Relationships--
What's needed for you to open to

Blessed Release--what do you
need to release or forgive to move

Organic, Custom
--bring me your
question or issue, we keep pulling
cards until you have the guidance
you need.
Service Overviews

Great readings this
Thank you, thank you,
thank you!
I also say thank you, thank
you, thank you to the Angels,
Guides, Messengers, Light
Beings and all who worked
with you for my benefit.
Anita C.