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Our DNA is a database of Human History

Our deepest and most resistant wounds often have many sources and resonant connections.
These sources feed into and from each other, setting up a resonance pattern that magnifies the intensity of our pain.
This is what often causes us to be "stuck", no matter what we do.

Our DNA can be storing some or all of these resonant connections, which must be released as part of the
process. This wound connection--what I call
"communal resonance", shows up in most of my
healing, reading and counseling sessions. As a result, the angels have guided me to offer
Wound-specific targeted healing sessions
that address all communal factors AND release them from the DNA, as well as the Akashic Records.

    In these sessions, we target one specific area of wounding or fear
    some examples are listed below.

EVERY ONE of the communal resonance factors shown above in the diagram will be
addressed, healed and released from all contributing sources, as well as from your DNA, cell
memory, matrix and Light bodies. These will also be cleared from your Akashic Records, and
the records of all involved. Ancestral wounds will be released from your descendants' DNA  
and bloodlines as well.

The healing and release process continues beyond our session, as these deep wounds require
a lot of personal adjustment to not having them.

    Here are some of the targeted sessions being offered. They are either fears
    or wounds:

lack/poverty/money issues
relationships (you choose which one)
love relationships
illness/physical disability
self-destructive behavior/addictions
blocks to manifestation

    We can also address the Shadow Archetypes:
the Victim
the Saboteur
the Prostitute (co-dependent behaviors)

    Session details are at the right.
    About the sessions
    These sessions will be done in the format of
    Heartlight Angelic Healing, working in your
    Light-Body envelope. This will allow me to see
    where each of the factors that created and have
    been sustaining the wound or fear that we are
    targeting, are located and what they are attached to
    in your biofields.

    I will access all seven of the communal resonance
    factors, to clear any connections to the target

    If these memories/trauma are being stored in
    your DNA, that will be cleared, as well as your
    matrix and light-bodies  As part of this process,
    Archangel Raziel will also clear these things from
    your Akashic Records.

    Any associated fears and wounds that I am guided
    to find will also be released.

    Lastly, we will bring in Light to fill all the
    places where these things have been.

    Each session lasts about an 90 min., and can be
    done live at my home in Westminster, over the
    phone or via skype.

    Cost for each session is $111

    Use the yellow form above to contact me
    and book your release session or multiples!
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