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    Introducing Energy Healing targeted to Groups and Relationships!

    Do you have a team or group that is just not "gelling" or focused on the goal? Are there issues coming up without resolution?
    Is there a constant war between your kids--or you and one of them? Is there friction in a relationship you can't seem to
    resolve because you can't pinpoint the source? Would you like to have your team functioning like a well-oiled machine? Have
    you tried everything to no avail?

    Well, now you have one more option to achieve balance, harmony and success in your relationships!

    Einstein said that we can't solve a problem at the same level it was created, and this process bypasses the physical, mental and
    emotional levels--dealing instead with our energy fields. In the metaphysical/quantum world, when we form relationships with
    others, whether in a marriage, friendship, team, family or other group format, there is a "group matrix" formed, as well. This
    matrix reflects the combined energies of the group, and the dynamics of the relationship, as well.

    For example, a group I recently performed a healing on had become somewhat scattered, losing focus and cohesion in the
    previous couple months. The healing was meant to bring them back into synchronicity. While performing a Heartlight session
    on the "group body" it came to light that a new member had joined this long-standing group, which changed the group
    structure and power balance, and some members were not allowing the energy of the new member to be  introduced into the
    group matrix. Clearing and realigning the disrupted energies enabled the group to integrate the new member more smoothly
    into the pre-existing structure--to expand more gracefully.

    In another case, this was used on a corporate team, to create harmony and focus to reach a specific goal. The end result was
    that one of the team members was just incompatible with the rest of the team energies and wound up being released from the
    team. This took place as an organic process, not as a recommendation from the healing. The balancing that was done simply
    brought into focus this person's unsuitability.

    I have also used this technique before important and potentially emotionally charged meetings to clear away all that would get
    in the way of a solution that would provide the best path forward. The results were astounding! Egos got left at the door, real
    listening took place, authentic sharing happened, and everyone felt happy about the end result--regardless of their stand on
    the issues before the meeting. How often does that happen in your world?

    The same principle works with marriages, friendships, siblings, teams, civic organizations, employee groups, etc.

    This process is done without the individual members present, so there is no expense of setting up a
    meeting, or trying to arrange time schedules for therapy sessions.

    Any member of the group/relationship can call for this healing, including coaches, employers, leaders.

    The fee for group/team and relationship issues is $75 for up to five people,
    and $20 for each additional person in the group/team.
Energy Healing

Our bio-fields contain emotional and cultural
triggers connected to our thoughts and beliefs.

The same is true for the "group matrix", which
reflects the mix of the group members.
For this service, I use an energy scanning technique
to find, clear and interpret these places of disruption,
releasing harsh energies and creating an
atmosphere that can allow healing of issues
within the  relationship, and between members.

This is done as a distance healing, and I will email
a report of my findings on completion, along with
recommendations based on them.

If this is a team or group, I will need a description of the
group or team mission/focus, and a list of the first names
of the members of the group.
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