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Rev. Chris Oldham,
Skype & Twitter ID= lumin8r
Maryland, US &
Worldwide via Phone or Skype

When Life falls apart, it needs to be healed from the Inside out,
letting Spirit lead the way to wholeness and harmony.

Many times in our lives, we go through "breakings" that create upheaval and loss--of things, of jobs, of people,
of money or homes--which either subtly or not so subtly forever alter the landscapes of our lives.

On this forge of change we are strengthened as we emerge from each new gauntlet still here, still able
to go on and to re-create ourselves and our lives anew in some way. During these times we struggle and
experience great emotional turmoil, mental and physical stresses and much spiritual doubt--looking for
answers that will help us understand it all.

Some of this turmoil is necessary, because it triggers the realizations
that our Soul is trying to help us see.

Most of it is not necessary, and there is an easier way to move through these times. The greatest
resource at mankind's disposal is ready to jump in and help us move in and out of these
transforming and trying times with a greater degree of peace and grace.

The resource I am referring to is our wonderful, loving, magical, powerful, healing and divinely wise


It is this Divinely Delightful group of Heavenly Handymen that I will
teach you how to connect with, hire and work with during the 1
3-week course, and the rest of your life!

Healing Humpty Dumpty™

"This course changed my life; it restored the harmony in my life and how I saw my late husband!
Great techniques are taught for your daily practice highly recommend it! Thank you Rev. Chris Oldham"
Hanna Hashim
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Humpty Dumpty
fell off the wall because it was time
for him to look within and see his Truth
~ the Shell is not the Egg~

13 weeks from broken to Empowered Divine Partnership!
Every experience in Life,
good or bad,
contains Many Gifts
Learn to look for the
Gifts in the Garbage!
Healing Humpty Dumpty Course
Guide to Services

           Course Details

This group mentoring program comes directly from my own experiences, resulting in methods the Angels and
Masters have guided me to learn as ways to maintain my sanity, my health and my ability to function effectively
as I moved through what seemed a never-ending series of challenges and loss. They have taught me how to get
unstuck from the muck of sadness, depression, loss, lack and powerlessness and move into Love, Grace,
Gratitude, Abundance and Joy.

The key to keeping your balance during tough times is to be connected firmly to your center, your core of Truth,
and to release everything else. This
group mentoring program is designed to give you the tools to do just
that, with massive help and guidance from your own spirit, Higher Self, the Angelic realm, the Ascended Masters
and your Guardian Team.

    In the twelve weeks of this program you will learn the following.  

    •        You will receive an Angel Attunement, to bring you into a closer angelic partnership
    •        The spiritual mechanics driving your current situation, and why the normal way of approaching your
    problems may not be working.
    •        Tools for gaining insight and healing—basic Angel Card reading
    •        Daily Basics: Clearing, shielding, cutting cords, balancing energy, grounding, prayer, protection and
    •        Ten Essential Spiritual Practices--for every day and for deeper exploration
    •        Energy system basics: Chakras, Light Bodies, Aura—structure, function and care
    •        Your physical temple—managing its care during stressful times; the importance of Self-Love
    •        Truth Signal and Muscle testing: Learning how to use these tools effectively.
    •         Moving into a stronger and broader interaction with spirit on a 24/7 basis
    •        Releasing fear and negative energy; using the true power of Gratitude; learning to Love what Is.
    •        Being in Harmony, Alignment and Unity with your core energies
    •        Discovering your Divine Truth, and moving onto a new part of your Path
    •        New forms of meditation and meditative journeys to help you go within to connect with your center
    and open your Heart
    •        Identify your Soul's deepest desires and the qualities of your Divine Self—your center and inner truth.
    •        Raising your vibration—the power of music, laughter, prayer and play.
    •        Learning the mechanics of your ego, how and where it exerts control and interference, and how to
    move into a more spirit-led and spirit-fed existence.
    •        Discovering and releasing the wounds, events and beliefs that keep you stuck.
    •        Centering in the heart, opening the Heart Chakra
    •        Forgiveness and release—Self-love and acceptance; allowing yourself to BE YOU.
    •        Opening to Miracles and receiving; manifesting what you need
    •        Calling in the healing you need from the angels
    •        The power and meaning of Grace, and how to get there from here
    •        Patterns in your life and Light Matrix—recognizing them and getting help to clear them.
    •        The Angels—your Guardians and calling upon the other angels to get the help you need. Through this
    program you will learn about the qualities of at least twenty different angels, how and when to call in their

By the end of this program, you will have all these tools and more, learned in an experiential manner
with personal supervision and guidance. My goal is for you to have all the spiritual resources you need to
maintain balance, peace and grace no matter what life throws at you—by centering in your Soul and Divine Truth.

    Schedule and Fees
    •        Courses are scheduled when I have students desiring to take it
    •        Program will run for 12 weeks, 1x per week, 2 hours per session.
    •        Access is by phone or skype, and live sessions will be recorded
    •        Support materials and guides will be provided, a deck of Angel Oracle cards and a reading list will be
    required purchases.
    •        Course Fee: Cost for this 13-wk program is $495 US.

    Contact me for scheduling and registration information in the yellow box on this page
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