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    Heartlight Angelic Healing
is a potent combination of energetic, spiritual, and sound healing (as I allow
the angels to use my voice), guided by the angels and aided by their loving,
healing light. Evolved from Reiki and Shamanic gifts, it is a unique modality
which was co-created by me in partnership with the angels.

Heartlight Angelic Healing locates your
underlying causal and contributing
in the light-bodies surrounding you, dissolving the blockages
held outside the body. This is different from Reiki and other hands-on
modalities, which are focused on the light channels
within the body, only.

The causes for all that we experience can be found in our Light-body envelope.
When our thoughts and responses do not resonate with our soul and our light
matrix, they disrupt, and eventually cause blockages to, healthy energy flow in
our physical and light-body systems.
[See testimonials at bottom of page]
    Heartlight uses the pure, Golden Light of Divine Love, in combination with Angelic
    energies. It can be warm, cold, pulsing, vibrational, peaceful, relaxing or energizing—but always
    leaves you feeling lighter. My clients have reported that the healing effects of the Heartlight sessions
    last much longer than the other modalities, such as Reiki. Sometimes vocal toning is also a powerful
    part of the healing.

    Heartlight Angelic Healing can also identify and release past life wounds, ancestral trauma,
    generational patterns, psychic wounds, and so much more!

    Heartlight can bring healing to entire families or other groups, and is wonderful for grief healing!
    (Family and group/team healing is done as a distance healing)

    What have others experienced from their Heartlight sessions?

            Many times, the relief is almost immediate. By locating and removing blockages outside the
    body, I have witnessed these results:

    o        Chronic low back pain caused by blockage at the emotional level was relieved within
    minutes of removal. Client reported icy-hot energy and feeling like a knife being pulled from her
    back—the pain was gone!
    o        Another client who had been suffering from a strong lack of mental focus for days reported
    that she could feel the energy running from her head, down through her body and into the floor.
    Her mental clarity was restored immediately.
    o        A woman with a cracked rib was in the kind of pain that only this injury can produce—every
    movement, and especially sleep, provided a challenge. After only two minutes of applying
    the Heartlight energy to the area, she reported to me the next morning that she had a wonderful
    night’s sleep and woke up pain-free!
    o        After removal of emotional and mental blocks, it has been reported back to me that excess
    weight starts to almost drop off by itself--with reports of as much as a full pant-size in one
    week! I have experienced this myself.
    o        Wounds that have resisted healing for months or years have responded to the
    Heartlight energies and begun the long-delayed healing process!

    inawareness of deeply buried to and hidden woundsThis can cut , and help weeks or
    months out of traditional emotional therapy techniques!

    What is the goal of Heartlight Angelic Healing?

    It is more of a mission than a goal. The healing that takes place as a result of all Heartlight sessions,
    whether the focus is physical or other, creates greater awareness of the light of Soul
    that shines within you—the Heartlight. This opening and awareness propels you into a spiritual
    awakening and alignment with your Soul’s path, to help you progress more quickly and easily!
Chris, I just had to tell you how great my back feels! I dont know if its the healing work you did
on me or the realization you brought forth to me, or both, but you are a wonderful healer!
I hope to see you again before I move:) Much love and big huge hugs! ~~Sarah G
I have been doing Heartlight on my children for the last 6 months and I must say that they are
much healthier than last winter. We are doing fine while everything around us has infections and
colds. That is a testimonial that it is making a big difference. ~~Rev. Kelly Rafeedie

Heartlight got rid of my stepdaughters migraines! ~~ Rev. Kelly Rafeedie
"This technique is working SO well with my clients. We're getting to the core stuff ASAP
as opposed to over, like, months or years
." ~~Ashley King~~

[Note: One of the many wonderful surprises in Heartlight is the "Discovery technique", which
allows practitioners to get to the root cause of deep issues in a matter of minutes,
instead of months or more in traditional therapy. It is truly awesome to behold!]

Truly AWE-SOME stuff! :) Gentle but powerful clearing/cleansing ~~C.B~~

Thanks to your deep assistance with the angels my process is manifesting lighter too!! Thank you so much, dear lady!! It would be
hard to pinpoint one thing that was key. It seems to me there we several. I have always had the sense that I have set myself up as a
kind of Houdini at some knot is backed by another and another and......but we undid some big and important ones!!
Deepest thanks!!   ~~L.Y.~~
Great stuff! You were able to cut to the core of some things I had for many, many years. What a blessing! ~~S.G.~~
"I received your Heartlight Healing it is amazing and released stuck energy to propel
me into creative love. Wahooo. xxx" ~~Akushi~~
Rev. Chris Oldham is a wonderful Angelic healer and has been a personal guide for me as I’ve gone
through many layers of deep transformational change. She has helped me through challenging times
where I needed to confront ‘less than perfect’ aspects of myself so that I could find self-acceptance and
forgiveness, and in doing so help me raise my vibration. She lovingly guides me through uncharted
waters and in doing so I have rediscovered my affinity for channeling. I look forward to our weekly
healing Sessions, and am honored to know her. She is a remarkable person and a gifted,
compassionate healer. ~~Debra~~
Client Testimonials
Heartlight Angelic Healing
addresses your entire Being by
blocks in all of your energy fields.
How it works

The miracle of Heartlight Angelic Healing
is its ability to locate and remove the mental, emotional and spiritual
blockages in our light-body that keep us from being  healed and whole.

This is a diagram showing the experience of Carmen Scheid, who
is also the artist. The images represent
what she actually saw
in her energy fields before and after a healing session!

We are kept from the benefits of our body's amazing natural ability
to heal itself by all the negative energy that comes from either our
environment/experiences, or from our own inner thoughts and fears.
Heartlight Angelic Healing addresses both sources and their impact on our
light bodies.

Sessions can be booked in 1 hr or 90 min blocks, and done over the
phone/skype or in person in Maryland.
Contact me in the yellow box on the right.
extremely effective energetic and spiritual support for cancer patients.
Healing &
Heartlight works to clear
emotional and mental energies
that hinder healing, while helping
your body more easily handle
cancer treatment regimens
    Why is this important?
    Your chakras are the interface between Divine Source energy and your physical structure and
    function. Each one has specific physical, emotional and mental areas of governance within your
    Light Body system. When issues in any of these areas create a blockage of energy to the
    associated chakra, a lessening of well-being occurs. Clearing and balancing your chakra/energy
    system should be a regular part of your wellness program.

    Balancing your chakras is truly much more complicated than picturing a red light rotating in your
    root chakra. In fact, this can even be damaging if the chakra is already inflamed or dysfunctional
    in some way.

    Instead, let me give you the best darn tune-up your system has ever had--bringing
    new balance and energy to your life!!

    With angelic guidance, I will run a diagnostic scan on your chakras, then bring them back into
    proper alignment, function and flow  using a combination of Angelic Toning, Light therapy, and
    Divine Heartlight energies. That root chakra may actually need an infusion of blue, or green or
    violet light to restore balance. The angels know what is needed, and guide me to provide it!

    In this session you will receive the following:
  • Diagnostic Evaluation of your chakras guided by the angels
  • Angelic Toning, Heartlight energy and Angel Song Essence restoration of each chakra
  • Clearing of blockages that are inhibiting the flow of energy to and within your chakras
  • An Alignment and balancing of your whole energy system to encourage optimum function
  • Clearing of your energy channels to ground your energy into Mother Earth and anchor you
    to Divine Source.
  • A conversation about what I have found that is pulling you out of balance, as well as what to
    expect as a result of this Tune-up.

    This session will run about 90 minutes in length, and can be done distance over phone or
    skype--or in person. Leave time after the session for you to integrate the restored energy flow and
    Fee for this session is $111
    Contact me in the yellow box for bookings.
    How could a Heartlight Angelic Healing session help you?
Can bring healing or long-term relief to chronic physical ailments like migraine and fibromyalgia
Pinpoints Past-life, Ancestral and entity issues causing problems for you
Can be applied to your relationship with things in your life, like money or illness or addictions
Can be used to bring harmony and synergy to relationships--like families, teams, organizations,
businesses, marriages and friendships
Absolutely shines as an accelerator of spiritual growth and awakening
Provides incredible chakra healing and alignment, and energy improvement
Is an invaluable support for cancer healing and therapies, as well as chronic conditions/illnesses
Promotes weight loss by release of emotional components and false beliefs about self
Heart-Centered Energy Alignment

Upgrading your energy flow to the Heart Center

For the last few centuries, mental energy--residing in the Solar Plexus, has been the
dominant energy of our existence. In August of 2011, the Great Shift occurred in
the ruling energies of our planet, which raised the vibration of the planet into a
higher dimensional energy--one that requires us to operate from a
heart-centered base in order to be in alignment with these energies.

As a result, we are out of sync with the dominant energy surrounding us. This is
causing upheaval at the social level--hence the Ocuppy movements--and at the
personal level. Many feel that something is out of whack, feeling off-center
but not being able to identify the cause.

You are, indeed, "off-center", since the main mode of operation in the physical
world--the mind--is now being called to take a
back seat to the heart!

This alignment attunes each chakra to heart energies via a combination
of toning and energy application, establishing heart dominance
and new balance in your life.

This is done as a
Heartlight & Toning session--distance, phone or live,
and takes about an hour.

Cost for this alignment before any discounts: $95

~Contact me in the yellow box at the right  for information and booking!~
Complementary/Alternative/Holistic Health Care, and should
in no way and at no time be used as a substitute for
medical care from your own physicians.
Rev. Chris Oldham,
Westminster, MD, US & Worldwide
via Phone or Skype
Copyright Divine Interventions 2015
All rights reserved.
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Heartlight can identify issues causing
your body to hold on to excess energy in
the form of fat, and help you to release
them. Sometimes this is simple, other
times there are many layers.
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