Angelic Energy Heals

Heartlight healing is made possible
by a fully open active connection to
Divine Source. It is assisted by
Angelic Light & Wisdom
for a truly intense and wonderful
healing experience.
I am the Founder, Co-creator
and Master/Teacher of
Heartlight Angelic Healing
and the
Heartlight Temple of Angelic
Healing and Training

My first training was as a
Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master--
tradition; and I am also schooled in
Seichim Mastership.
Contact me to set up a
personal chat for
information, fees, or to
Schedule your Training!
Blessings, Rev. Chris
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Heartlight Angelic
is evoled from Reiki--a potent
combination of energetic and
spiritual healing,
accompanied by vocal
toning, which is guided by the
angels and aided by their
loving, healing light.

It is a new modality which was
developed in partnership with
the angels during and since
my training in
The Angel Ministry.
    Course Descriptions

            Practitioner Level—the training at this level introduces you to the philosophy, process and gifts
    of the Heartlight practice. Your attunement will assist you in your contact with the angels and masters,
    while installing the ability to identify energy disturbances at all levels of the light bodies. You will learn to
    identify the individual “signatures” of the angels, while also moving forward on your own path of
    becoming a clear and open vessel for Divine energies, and revealing the special gifts that reside within
    each of us. Start earning as a practitioner upon completion of training!

            Master/Teacher level—this level is reached by entering onto a Mastership path, which is
    available to you after a minimum of 4 months and 60 client hours at the Practitioner level.
    It is not accomplished in a day or a weekend. Mastership Level I consists of a Toning attunement, an
    Angelic Attunment, and a Masters attunement.  The Master Teacher level  confers the Master/Teacher
    blessing and attunement, which gives you the gifts of the teacher, and the ability to call in Heartlight
    Attunements for training Level I practitioners. This is a personal path of accelerated spiritual growth. At
    this level, the practitioner has mastered full surrender to spirit for the healing session. Often, sound
    healing via spontaneous toning is initiated by the angel or master guiding the session. You will also be
    able to help your clients specifically identify the root causes of chronic issues through the ability to
    connect directly with the root, and lead your clients to it for full release and healing.  At the mastership
    level, your own gifts will come into full flower as one of the Heartlight Specialties. The ability to
    attune and train others into Heartlight Angelic Healing also comes with full Mastership.
    The Heartlight Angelic Healing training is your first step on a committed path of spiritual growth. All
    practitioners enter into a partnership with the angels that moves them forward on an accelerated
    schedule of awakening which concludes in the emergence of your True Self and state of being as a fully
    integrated Human Spirit. The Heartlight Community and Temple--and your Master/Teacher--are here
    to guide you, support you and celebrate you during this transformative journey.

    This is an exciting, evolving modality! As such, it is impossible to know what gifts and abilities will be
    partnered with a Patron Angel who will guide them to develop their own talents and gifts as part of their
    Heartlight practice.

    The current training workshop is done over two days, which is made necessary by the Angelic
    Attunement. This will introduce new energies and abilities into your Light Bodies, which require
    overnight to integrate fully.
    Trainings are done both onsite and distance, via phone and internet webcam/skype. The Angels
    perform the attunement, which is fully received by everyone, no matter where in the world they are

    Practitioner level training--$350:
    Next training workshop: now forming! 11 am-5 pm EDT/2 days
    Group and personal training available. Contact me for a personal chat to answer all your questions using
    the form at the left!

    Mastership training  & Teacher Training:
    Master Level I now forming for 2016!

    Use the yellow contact form on the left to obtain more information and schedule your training.

I have been doing Heartlight on my children for the last 6 months and I must say that they are
much healthier than last winter. We are doing fine while everything around us has infections and
colds. That is a testimonial that it is making a big difference. ~~Rev. Kelly Rafeedie

Heartlight got rid of my stepdaughters migraines! ~~ Rev. Kelly Rafeedie

"We have been having some pretty awesome stuff come down the pike since we took the class.  I was somewhat
skeptical as I am of any new modality, but it has been validated as quite authentic!  Thank you for that!

An amazing healing and growth modality! A healing experience which embodies the pure unconditional Love of the
Angelic Realm. The most profound, absolutely phenomenal experience I have ever encountered.  The subtle way it
works, heals on all levels of a persons body and energetic fields.  Intuitive and loving helping others to experience life
changing results!  I have seen it remove lifetimes of patterns that no longer serve in order to achieve a life of bliss, joy,
abundance, love and the list goes on!  I am so grateful to Spirit and the Angels for leading me to Chris to take this
class!  I can't wait to see where this path takes me, but I know for certain it will be a path of joy!"

Kim Leinberger and Dan Dutterer

"I just wanted to thank you for a great weekend -- I learned so much, and the connections I made have been
AMAZING. ... I seemed to connect with the energies quite naturally and I have been awed at what's come through.
I think my cats are even drawn to me differently since the attunement! ;)"

Just got a beautifully affirming email from my client who LOVED his session today, Chris!!
Gratitude to you and the Angels!!

"This technique is working SO well with my clients. We're getting to the core stuff ASAP as opposed to over, like,
months or years..."
Ashley King, who is also a Psychotherapist

[Note: One of the many wonderful surprises in Heartlight is the "Discovery technique", which
allows practitioners to get to the root cause of deep issues in a matter of minutes,
instead of months or more in traditional therapy. It is truly awesome to behold!]
Practitioner Feedback
Heartlight Angelic Healing
works by identifying and
removing energetic blocks
in all of your energy fields.

Heartlight Angelic Healing
is not just another energy healing modality--it is a Divine connection fostering wonderful, targeted,
tangible healing results and spiritual growth for both your clients and yourself!

If you have a strong connection to spirit/angels, and would like to take it further while providing
this kind of tangible,targeted results--this could be for you!

What is it like to experience healing as a Heartlight practitioner?

This was from Tiana McCrea, one of my Heartlight Angelic Healing practitioners:

"Two months ago I was guided to learn and experience the Heartlight Angelic Healing modality with
Reverend Chris Oldham. Her Divine gifts of service to humanity are forever treasured in my heart....

Each time I practice Heartlight Angelic Healing the gifts of Love and Compassion pour through me like
an unconditional wave of continual fulfillment. It is a Beautiful gift of service and surrender and by
Grace it reawakens moment by moment the realization of the Heart of Oneness. ...

If your heart has been calling, searching or asking for some form of healing modality in which enhances
your inherent ability to access your highest potential in the Light. This may be the next step for you.

I strongly recommend Chris Oldham’s program with Love.

This was received in an email from another new practitioner:

Thank you so much for the beautiful class! I love the energy, and worked with it doing distance sessions
today! I very much look forward to continuing to work with you to receive the Master Training, to both
go deeper into it, and receive the knowledge and wherewithal for sharing the training with others. I love
your style, very thorough and comprehensive, and passionate about the work, and yet very gentle,
loving, and open. Have been calling on the angels more and more.....

This is just part of the miracle of Heartlight for both you and your clients!

See the full potential of Spiritual Energy Healing develop within
your Heartlight practice!

Take the next step in your evolution as a healer~and as an Evolving Human. Bring in
the pure energies of Divine Golden Light and a strong Angelic partnership to provide a
multi-level healing experience for your clients and yourself!

Contact me in the yellow box for more information!

Heartlight locates and dissolves
energy blockages at the
level and place where they occur!

This results in
immediate healing
of some issues!
Next Level I Class forming now!
~Group and Personal training available~
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