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Rev. Chris Oldham,
Skype & Twitter ID= lumin8r
Maryland, US &
Worldwide via Phone or Skype

    Who should take this program?

    Everyone who hasn't already taken a course in
    Angelic protection methods and techniques. Even
    if you have received simple training in techniques
    like the sphere of light and smudging, these are
    mostly ineffective in the face of today's forces
    and energies of upheaval.

    We have been told that LOVE is the best protection,
    and Angels ARE Love!!

    The effectiveness of TV, radio, smart phones and
    the internet in spreading these lower energies
    around the globe, and into our homes, makes it
    ever more important for us to practice vigilance in
    our own spiritual protection and hygiene on a daily
    basis--or more.

    How can you benefit from this training?

  • Saving time: asking the angels to take over what--
    for you--may have been time-consuming clearing
    and protection rituals. Angels can accomplish in
    minutes what could have been taking you much
    longer--and do it more thoroughly!

  • Clearer mind, better mental function and psychic
    functions--dense energies and entities interfere
    with these
  • Better emotional balance
  • Clearer intuitive access
  • Lessening or release of physical symptoms
    associated with spiritual parasites
  • Reduces negative influence of media exposure--
    TV, phones, music, movies, computers, etc.
  • Allows sensitive individuals to function more
    comfortably in public venues
  • Ability to invoke protection while traveling
  • Increased immunity to illness, as the body is not
    hindered by defending against dense energies
  • Clearing dense energies/entities from the
    home/spaces, and placing protections around them
  • Having a toolbox full of clearing, shielding and
    protective tools that can be used almost anywhere
    or any time they are needed
  • Recognizing when you are under attack--learning
    the symptoms
  • Develop a lifelong partnership with and
    appreciation of the Angelic Realm, and the many
    ways they are here to help you!
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    This is a 4-week live tele-course, meeting once per week. Each session is recorded.

    Week I--Introduction
    A.  Intro to Spiritual Ecology--yin/yang, light/dark, the Universal Law of Opposites;
         everything has a purpose.
    B.  The importance of comprehensive Spiritual Hygiene
    C.  LOVE is the best form of protection, and Angels = LOVE
    D.  Course Download--All my wisdom and experience shared with you!
    E.  Using your Angel Song Essence™, Spiritual Protection Kit
    F.  Archangel Michael's personal clearing and protection ritual.

    Week II--What you need to know about Entities and Dense energies
    A. Symptoms of exposure to dense energies and entity attachments
    B. How and why do we become infected? Mechanisms of attachment
    C. Different classes of McNasties we are exposed to
    D. Our shields are not permanent--what affects them and why
    E.  Extending Michael's protection to our families/others

    Week III--Taking care of spaces
    A. The importance of a spiritual altar; Creating your altar/s
    B. Protecting our homes and other spaces; Creating Sacred Space
    C.  Angelic Home Protection Ritual
    D. Using your Essences to support space clearing
    E.  Why is Grounding and Balancing important?
    F.  Asking the Angels to help us Ground and Balance

    Week IV--Clearing and protecting Electronics, Crystals and other objects/things
    A.  EMF, WiFi and Electronics--why are we putting these in a course about spiritual protection?
    B.  How to deal with them--Cloaking Shields & the Platinum Crystal net, Michael's shield for EMF
    C.  Retail establishments are minefields--the importance of clearing what comes into the home.
    D. Prayers for clearing and protecting crystals and other objects, travel safety, web pages, etc.
    E. What to do when you have done clearing and protection and you are still having issues.
    F.  For those who want to know and do more--the next step

    Class schedule:  Class will be held for four weeks on Thursdays for two hours, 7/21/16-8/11/16

    Next program begins July 21st!!--Contact me if interested!
    Start time:   3 pm EDT
    2 pm CDT
    1 pm MDT
    noon PDT
    8 pm UK

    Call-in and class details with registration--use yellow form in Right column
    to contact me.

    Fee for this course: $195(Payment through Paypal) 10% discount for payment by April 10th! (=$157.50)
    Class guides supplied
    Recommended but not required--Spiritual Protection Set of Angel Song Essences, a $125 value!
    Six 1-oz essences and spray mister
    (Additional fee for shipping to offshore US and International locations.)

    Contact me in yellow box at right for registration. I will send you an invoice for the
    course and the essences.
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Is it often uncomfortable for you to be in
public places, even the grocery store?

Do you want to know how to clear & protect
yourself, home and family from these dense
energies and Spiritual parasites/entities?

Are you curious about how we attract entities,
what they are, and how they affect us?

Would you like to learn how to create effective
protection for yourself, home and family members
with the loving help of
Archangel Michael and the Angelic Realm?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above, then
Archangel Michael's Basic Training is for you!!

Angel Song Essences™
Spiritual Protection Kit

Six 1-oz bottles plus spray mister
to aid in your personal and space
protection and clearing

Fee with course: $95
(20% off!)

I teach all my students, in
every course and mentoring
program, the basics of Angelic
personal protection and

Without exception, they report
back to me how much clearer,
more balanced and confident
they feel, and how they no
longer dread shopping or other
public exposure!

How would this change
your life?