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Michael's Minions--a Course in Divine Guardianship

    This is an 8-week live online course, meeting once per week. Each session is recorded.

    Class I--Introduction--the role of the Earthbound Guardian
    A. Intro to "the Dark Side of the Force"--do McNasties (my term to defuse the negative emotional
    attachment) really exist? Why? What do they want from us?
    B. Becoming one of Michael's Minions--ceremony of induction into the Guardians' Circle

    Class II--"Fear is the path to the Dark Side" (Yoda in Star Wars--notice a theme, here?)
    A. Our relationship with the forces of opposition, Symbiotic vs. Parasitic
    B. How do we become infected? Mechanisms of attachment
    C. Symptoms common to entity attachment
    D. Where is the Ego in all of this?

    Class III--It takes more than a Light Saber to be a Jedi
    A. Common types of McNasties and their characteristics
    B. Shielding and protection--rituals, prayers and invocations
    C. Our shields are not permanent--situations that can cause vulnerability

    Class IV--The Force be with you: Clearing and Defense
    A. Personal and Space clearing--rituals, prayers and invocations
    B. When clearing fails--finding and releasing the cause

    Class V--Advanced Minion Knowledge
    A. The Light and Dark sides of Aliens and ET's
    B. Learning to work with Past Lives, Ancestral issues, the Akashic Records, Collective Unconscious
    and tribal judgements

    Class VI—Guardianship—the other aspects of protection
    A. Curses, spells, vows, psychic attacks, and parallel lifelines
    B. The angels to call on--who they are and what they can do, an introduction

    Class VII—Tying things up
    A. Helping spirits cross into the light
    B. Miscellaneous final tidbits--spiritual hygiene guides beyond your daily clearings
    C. Situational practice with the Angels

    Class VIII-- Final class, Graduation Circle.
    A. Final Exam--will be a test designed by the Angels done during class
    C. Graduation Circle Ceremony--Certification as one of Michael's Minions!

    Each class will be about two hours long, and will be recorded for those who are not able to make a particular
    session--however, class may NOT  be taken purely via recordings. Training will be done in a video format,
    via Zoom, so it can be accessed anywhere in the world. Each student who completes all requirements of the
    course will receive a certificate verifying your qualifications to hang out your shingle as a Practitioner of
    Divine Guardianship!

    Class schedule:  Class will be held for eight weeks at two hours each week

    Next course begins 2/22/21--Contact me if interested!
    1 pm EST
    12 pm CST
    11 am MST
    10 am PST
    6 pm UK

    Zoom and class details with registration--use yellow form in Right column
    to contact me.

    Fee for this course: $395 (Credit card and Paypal accepted--contact me to register or ask questions) manual
    supplied. An additional purchase of Angel Song Protection Essence kit w/sprayer is recommended for
    practitioners but not mandatory.