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Rev. Chris Oldham,
Skype & Twitter ID= lumin8r
Maryland, US &
Worldwide via Phone or Skype

    Michael and his Guardian Angels need our help!!

    Michael's workload is always high, as he and his Guardians have the responsibility of
    guiding us to do and be what our Divine Plan dictates for each of 7 billion+ humans. While
    Archangel Michael has lots of help, the times we live in are creating a shrinking window of
    opportunity to raise the vibrational levels of the population past the tipping point needed
    for a successful transition to 5D evolution.

    There are many forces of opposition--in both the physical and spiritual domains--that are
    working against this upward spiral, wanting to retain their power, control, and lower
    vibrational states of the populace. Most people are unaware of the level of spiritual
    opposition that hinders their progress--they only feel stuck or blocked in some way. There
    is massive angelic help available for this, but....

    The cardinal rule of Angelic Assistance is that we must ASK for their help.

    However, most people have no idea that they are under attack, or in need of assistance. So
    they don't ask, and their Guardians must stand by without being able to give the help that
    is needed to get their people back on track.

    We, however, can offer our services, to ask for help in other's names--this
    gives the angels an end run around the rule, and people get the help the angels want to
    give them!

    In this course, you will learn basic and advanced clearing, shielding and protection
    techniques for yourself and others, the nature of the entities that may be present, and
    other things that may be triggering negative setbacks which need to be healed and

    These abilities and techniques can be of great service to your clients, family, friends and
    more--even animals.

    In the first class, you will be inducted into the Guardians' Circle, connecting you
    forever to Archangel Michael, and his Guardian Angels, with the ability to call on the
    power of the Circle to back you up in times of need. How awesome is that?

    We are needed to call in Angelic help for others and for the world--to assist Michael and
    the Guardians in releasing the densities that are holding people in lower vibrational states.
    Are you in?
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Michael's Minions--a Course in Divine Guardianship
    An expression of thanks:

    I  just want to take the time out
    to give a big THANK YOU to
    Rev. Chris Oldham for her work
    and dedication to healing. After
    working with her for some
    months I have accomplished
    HUGE breakthroughs and have
    been able to clear up several
    issues from this life and the past
    for myself and my family. I truly
    feel blessed to have her in my
    life; and up until this point have
    not met a "Guardian Angel
    Incarnate" which I now
    firmly believe Chris is.
    blessings to her send with
    gratitude. Thank you again!

    Much of what I did for
    Qhuin, you will learn in
    this course!
Alternate class: 11 am EDT
10 am CDT
9 am MDT
8 am PDT
4 pm UK

    Who should take this training?
    If you are a healer or Angel reader, you are
    already partially engaged in Guardianship. This
    course will add the Yin to your Yang!

This training is geared towards the following:
  • Energy Healers working with Divine guidance
  • Spiritual or Shamanic Healers
  • Healers working with angelic energies and
  • Angel Card readers and Angel Communicators
  • Anyone who already has a comfortable, confident
    relationship with the Angels and their energies

  • Anyone wishing to learn what is offered here for
    their own use or for family/friends/clients
  • Anyone who feels called to work with Archangel
    Michael as an Earthbound Guardian

    You must be experienced in connecting to
    and receiving Divine Guidance and
    This is an 8-week live tele-course, meeting once per week. Each session is recorded.

    Class I--Introduction--the role of the Earthbound Guardian
    A. Intro to "the Dark Side of the Force"--do McNasties (my term to defuse the negative emotional
    attachment) really exist? Why? What do they want from us?
    B. Becoming one of Michael's Minions--ceremony of induction into the Guardians' Circle

    Class II--"Fear is the path to the Dark Side" (Yoda in Star Wars--notice a theme, here?)
    A. Our relationship with the forces of opposition, Symbiotic vs. Parasitic
    B. How do we become infected? Mechanisms of attachment
    C. Symptoms common to entity attachment
    D. Where is the Ego in all of this?

    Class III--It takes more than a Light Saber to be a Jedi
    A. Common types of McNasties and their characteristics
    B. Shielding and protection--rituals, prayers and invocations
    C. Our shields are not permanent--situations that can cause vulnerability

    Class IV--The Force be with you: Clearing and Defense
    A. Personal and Space clearing--rituals, prayers and invocations
    B. When clearing fails--finding and releasing the cause

    Class V--Advanced Minion Knowledge
    A. The Light and Dark sides of Aliens and ET's
    B. Learning to work with Past Lives, Ancestral issues, the Akashic Records, Collective Unconscious
    and tribal judgements

    Class VI—Guardianship—the other aspects of protection
    A. Curses, spells, vows, psychic attacks, and parallel lifelines
    B. The angels to call on--who they are and what they can do, an introduction

    Class VII—Tying things up
    A. Helping spirits cross into the light
    B. Miscellaneous final tidbits--spiritual hygiene guides beyond your daily clearings
    C. Situational practice with the Angels

    Class VIII-- Final class, Graduation Circle.
    A. Final Exam--will be an oral examination in class
    C. Graduation Circle Ceremony--Certification as one of Michael's Minions!

    Each class will be about two hours long, and will be recorded for those who are not able to make a
    particular session--however, class may NOT  be taken purely via recordings, as I need to be in touch with
    your progress and understanding. Training will be done in a teleclass format, via phone and online, so it
    can be accessed anywhere in the world. Each student who completes all requirements of the course will
    receive a certificate verifying your qualifications to hang out your shingle as a
    Practitioner of Divine Guardianship!

    Class schedule:  Class will be held for eight week for two hours each week

    Next course unscheduled--Contact me if interested!
    3 pm EST
    2 pm CST
    1 pm MST
    noon PST
    8 pm UK

    Call-in and class details with registration--use yellow form in Right column
    to contact me.

    Fee for this course: $350 (Credit card and Paypal accepted--contact me to register or ask questions)
    manual supplied.

"Thank you so much Chris you truly are a God send! Yesterday my
best friends oldest daughter called me and asked for help. She had
a very dark energy harassing her and her daughter and she
couldn't take it anymore. It had been affecting her for over a year,
caused her boyfriend of 3 years to move out from all the haunting,
and the fact that she was no longer the same girl. The pure hate
grandmother had been broken and destroyed by this entity. The
fear of not knowing what it was gonna do next or who it was gonna
hurt was too much. The relief on her face after 2 minutes on the
phone with you was amazing. I watched all the fear,stress and
anxiety drain from this beautiful young lady you could FEEL the
Angels around her doing the work. Thank you Chris she has texted
me 4 times in the last 12 hours to thank me for finding her help. It
truly is amazing how the Angels find a way to bring people together
when they need Gods love the most." Kathleen B.

“I remember a year and a half ago when you told me I had an entity
attached to me, it scared me silly! Now, after taking this course, it’s
just like you said--
like swatting flies.” Vicky H.