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Rev. Chris Oldham,
Westminster, MD,
US & Worldwide via Phone or Skype


    In this 7-week course for Advanced level Lightworkers, you will learn how to forge your personal
    connection with Spirit and the Angelic realm in a way that creates a true co-creative partnership of limitless
    resources, wisdom and inspiration to achieve miraculous results for yourself and others.

    This will include:
  • An Angel Attunement—Lets the Angels and Masters know you are ready to learn how to use your gifts as a
    creator, and begins their mentorship!
  • A Wisdom download--your first initiation into Angelic Alchemy! Will provide you with all you need to
    know in order to understand and effectively use the teachings in this course, from the perspective of my
    experience. It will be "unpacked" as you need it!
  • The Angels & Masters: who they are and what they can do--a guide to your creative team and how to
    connect to them!
  • Creating your workspace--the basics of shielding, clearing, and Light
  • Understanding the Matrix: learning the basic structure of creation, and how to work with it.
  • Everything already exists—all we need to do is access it!
  • Tips & Tricks for “automating” your creations.
  • Advanced magical possibilities and techniques--includes programming water, creating etheric devices and
    structures, working with time, and much more!
  • Fun and Practical exercises throughout this course to bring the power of spirit firmly down into your
    physical existence and everyday functioning.
  • An Alchemical Project you create!

    The course consists of seven two-hour classes, via phone or web, recorded. This is a strongly experiential
    format. You will receive a list of things you will need to have before the course begins, a guide for each class
    shortly before that class, and a certificate as a Practitioner of Angelic Alchemy!

    Class schedule: [All classes are recorded, but you must attend the majority of the classes live, so that I
    can answer your questions and judge how well you are absorbing the information and processes.]

    New class not yet scheduled, 2020; 2 hrs each day

    3:30 pm Eastern US
    2:30  pm Central
    1:30 pm Mountain
    12:30 pm Pacific
    8:30 pm UK
    7:30 am Fridays, Sydney AU

    Call-in details with registration
    Fee for this course: $395 (Credit card and Paypal accepted--contact me to make other arrangements)
    Installment plans available--contact me to arrange this.

    I supply the manual and training. Call-in and online connection details with registration.

    Please use the yellow form at the right to contact me with questions and to sign up.
Archangel Raziel & Master St. Germaine
bring you
The Alchemy of 5D Life
This is THE Rabbit Hole!!
Contact me for
scheduling, enrollment
and payment information

I am an Angel Minister
trained through
The Angel Ministry
by Kimberly Marooney.

I have a deep and loving
connection to the
Angelic and Spiritual realm.

It is this same kind of
connection I will guide you to
achieve in your life,
increasing your ability
to receive the amazing help
and guidance that these
magnificent resources of spirit
can bring to your everyday life!

    An Angel-assisted course in Metaphysical Manipulation
    to learn the skills and "magic" that are yours
    in our 5D reality!

    Who should take this course?

Everyone who feels guided and ready!
Healers working with angelic energies and partnerships
Angel Card readers and Angel Communicators
Anyone who already has a comfortable, confident connection with Divine
Source,  and wants to go deeper into the possibilities

    This course will show you how to move into a stronger Divine Partnership of
    co-creation with the Angelic Realm, using the gifts of 5D, which allow you to do
    things that you cannot do by mortal and physical means!

    We will explore and learn to use the unseen --metaphysical--energies in service
    to others and to our own Highest Good and spiritual evolution by employing
    the angels and the tools they have shown me to share with all mankind--tools
    you already have, that you need to learn how to access!

    Healers will learn new ways to work with angels and the 5D abilities to benefit
    their clients, as will card readers and communicators.

    You will anchor Angelic energies and connections in your Light Bodies.

    This course will change your life! The more you work with the angels
    and your own metaphysical gifts and abilities, the more you will see
    opportunities to employ them in achieving positive potential in your life, for
    others, and for the planet!!
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