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Rev. Chris Oldham,
MD, US & Worldwide
via Phone or Skype

    I. Class I—Cards as conduits to Spirit
    a. Intro to Angel Card Reading as a catalyst for connection
    b. Angel Attunement Blessing
    c. Your Truth signal--what is it and how to use it
    d. Learning the angels--beginning your partnership!
    II. Class II—Connecting with the Angels
    a. Four Essential Spiritual Practices you will need to adopt as an “Angel Ambassador”
    b. Meditation to connect beyond ego mind
    c. Meeting the angels--learn who they are and how they interact with us
    d. First Card reading
    III. Class III--Connecting with True meaning
    a. The messages that are not in the book
    b. Going beyond the built-in limitations that every deck has
    c. A guide to the many meanings of the cards
    d. Practice reading
    IV. Class IV—Cards and Meanings
    a. Reading a larger spread—Raphael’s Healing
    b. The deeper meanings and relationships
    c. Paying attention to position as part of the whole picture
    V. Class V--Creating your own spread, from inspiration to "Divine Intervention"!
    d. Creating your own Spread
    b. Assigning Positional meaning
    c. The layout
    d. testing and tweeking
    VI. Class VI—Conducting a session
    a. Sharing your Homework creations—what you learned, questions
    b. How to conduct a session with a client--preparing the space and the client, things to have on
    hand, handling questions, follow-up, etc.
    c. Client interaction and ethics
    d. Fees and marketing
    e. Growing your business--ideas to get yourself out there!

    Each class will be about two hours long, and will be recorded for those who are not able to make a
    particular session. Training will be done in a teleclass format, via phone and skype, so it can be accessed
    anywhere in the world. Each student who completes all requirements of the course will receive a
    certificate verifying your qualifications to hang out your shingle as a card reader!

    Class schedule: Class will be held on 6 consecutive Tuesdays for 2 hours.
    2017 Schedule not yet complete. Contact me if you are interested
    11 am EDT
    10 am CDT
    9 am MDT
    8 am PDT
    4 pm UK

    Call-in details with registration

    I supply the manual and training, you will need to purchase the angel cards that will serve as a resource
    for  your readings:
    Angel Blessings by Kimberly Marooney. These are available at Amazon

    Please use the yellow form at the left to contact me about class schedules and

    Master Level Certification Course

    These are the major elements of this class, which is six, 2-hour classes--1/week:
  • A new Attunement from Archangels Gabriel--God's messenger, and Zadkiel--Angel of Divine
    Connection, to illuminate & activate a clear "channel" for receiving messsages and providing a
    physical validation of the angelic presence to your clients!
  • Advanced training to help you remove ego interference from your readings
  • Practicing reading with your new gift
  • New! Angel Tarot reading--Tarot theory and methods applied to Angel Tarot decks
  • Reading without a spread--Custom readings
  • New! Creating angel teams, for clients to get help with big projects/business
  • New! Using the cards for Angelic Healings
  • New! Learn Archetype readings/Soul Identity Charts using Caroline Myss' Archetype deck
  • Preparing the client for this new form of Angelic connection/healing during the reading.
  • Marketing your business--we will be co-creating a Mission Statement that sets this style of card
    reading apart from any other; defining the benefits to the client that will have meaning for them;
    coming up with a clear intention for your reading sessions, and more.
  • Certification as a Divine Guidance Master Practitioner in the Divine Interventions method

    Next class not yet scheduled
    Class will run for six consecutive weeks

    Fee for this course: $350 (Credit card and Paypal accepted--contact me to make other arrangements)

    Please contact me using the yellow form at the left or email at the bottom of the page to set up a
    consultation for me to answer all your questions.
    (I make it a point to connect with all my students personally!
Become a
Divine Guidance™
healing power and guidance of the Angels, in a new and powerful way!
Start your own business, or just do it for fun.
(you could pay for this course in the first four readings!)

Help others find the answers and guidance they seek, to know

"What the heck is REALLY going on??"

If you are interested in the art of angel card reading, and desire a deeper
knowledge of and connection to the Angelic realm; if you desire to develop your
hidden gifts of connection with the angels; if you want to go beyond the type of
training offered by
Doreen Virtue's courses, this training is for you!

You will be able to connect with loving angelic energies and guidance through this
method I have received from the angels,
beyond my Angel Ministry training.

It won't matter what deck you are using, you will learn how to receive the
true message the angels are providing!

At the
Master level of this training, you will learn advanced techniques, Tarot,
and Archetype reading. You will also learn how to do Angelic Healing
through your readings!

You will learn how to market yourself simply and for low cost
to grow your business.

Upon completing each of these courses,  you will be Certified as a
Divine Guidance™ Practitioner in the "Divine Interventions"
method at that level--part of an extremely elite group of card readers!

This is an experience-based and mentorship-style program that will
take you into a deep connection with the Divine, and alter your life in
totally unexpected and amazing ways!
Contact me for a personal
consult re: scheduling,
enrollment, payments
and information
Please use a valid email,
so that I can contact you
and set up a call to answer
your questions.

As an Angel Minister,
trained in Divination by
The Angel Ministry
from Kimberly Marooney,
I have a deep, loving, and
co-creative connection to
the Angelic Realm.
It is this same connection
that I will lovingly guide
you to achieve in your life,
increasing your ability
to receive the amazing
messages and guidance the
angels bring to you and
your clients through
Angel, Oracle,
Archetype and Tarot
What my Students have to say:

I just completed the Level I Angel Card Reading course with Chris, and I’m looking forward to taking
her Master Level course.  Chris has a very strong connection with the Angels, which is evident in her
teachings.  I learned more than I expected, and I feel blessed to have been guided to her.  Chris has
become not only my teacher, but my friend and mentor.  She is a beautiful soul who is eager to share
her knowledge, experience, and wisdom.  I thank Chris for helping me on my spiritual journey and for
being a part of my Divine Plan.  I will be forever grateful.    Love and Blessings, Debra 2014.
    whilst studying lots of potential courses to do on the internet I discovered Chris on literally good vibes from her website. I
    was drawn in to learn more about where this fascination came from. Through my beautiful journey with Chris's guidance,
    love and patience i learnt that it I've always had a special affinity with angels which I thought was just my own little
    fascination. But fascination but it was innately who i was and this love of angels was the work and after contacting Chris
    wasn't a the medium i am going to be applying to my life and work. I feel in many ways that this journey and work has
    changed my life, and lifted my outlook on my own life. My relationship has grown with the angels immensely and i am
    starting to realise that i am in connection with them all the time. Chris has lifted the veil & i now have the faith back in myself
    that was rapidly diminishing. She achieved this just by opening my eyes to the fact that the messages i thought i was
    receiving from the angels were correct. I am so looking forward to taking my Masters course in June, simply because i love
    the way Chris works, she is loving, kind and humorous and is there for the higher good of all of her students in and out of
    working hours, protecting us. You have guided me gently and with such patience and have never made me feel silly for not
    understanding some elements of this work. I am forever in gratitude for the work we've done together and the work i have
    yet to do. I am so excited about my life and about connecting with you again. You really are a very special woman Chris and
    one who possesses the patience of the angels, they must be so very very proud of you and i am extremely grateful to you.
    Love to you always and the highest praise xxx
    This is possible due to Chris's patience, guidance and experience. Thank you, Chris!"  Anita 2012
    I've practiced and used my intuitive and healing skills nearly my entire forty-seven years on this planet. But I feel as if I've
    waited all my life for the energy of 2012 and the Divine Interventions Angel Card reading class. Chris' fun and easy method
    of communicating with the angels has opened wide for me the doors to Divine guidance! Thank you, Chris.  Jenny 2012
    I have studied Angel Card Readings and trained as an Angel practitioner and Minister with the best. Chris is my latest
    teacher and I rate her right at the top. I have moved my ministry and ability to confidently design and connect with the
    angels on a deeper and more profound level than ever. Chris came along in my life when I was at a crossroads and knew I
    was being called to study some more about Angelology. Chris... enabled me to release my blocks to creativity in a way that
    has opened me up to a miraculous path forward. Chris is compassionate, intuitive and crystal clear in her presentation.
    I can highly recommend that anyone who takes any of Chris's Angel classes will definitely achieve a profound
    healing model and tools that will be of great value whether it is in a personal capacity or that of a business venture.
    Thank You Chris, I am eternally grateful.  Akushi 2012
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