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Rev. Chris Oldham,
Westminster, MD,
US & Worldwide via Phone or Skype
Angel Song™~~A new course in Angelic Sound Healing

    In this six-week course, you will learn how to forge your personal connection with Spirit and the Angelic
    realm in a way that creates a true, deep, and trusting partnership to achieve wonderful results for yourself
    and others.

    This will include:
  •        Two Angel AttunementsThe first creates your connection to Israfel, Angel of Music, and the
    second one creates the toning connection and ability
  •        Angelic connection, communication and partnership--going deeper
  •        Learning the Angels--the most frequent toning partners, and their areas of governance
  •        Fun and Practical exercises to bring the power of spirit firmly down into your physical
    existence and everyday functioning.
  •        Energy anatomy basics--the interconnectedness of everything, how we work
  •        Chakra system--locations, areas of governance, tones, etc.
  •        Interpreting the tones--not only the notes, but the cadences and characteristics of the tones
    being generated
  •        Learning how to recognize what part of the client's matrix the tone is healing, and the energetic
    "home" of the issue
  •        In class practice in opening to Angelic direction
  •        In class practice with healing and reading situations
  •        Assignments to practice and have fun with your new gift!
  •        Certification as an Angel Song™ Practitioner

    The course consists of six two-hour classes, via phone or web, recorded. This is a strongly experiential
    format. You will receive notes for each class shortly before that class, and a certificate as an Angel Song
    Practitioner at completion.

    Class schedule: [All classes are recorded, but you must attend the majority of the classes live, so that I
    can judge how well you are absorbing the information and processes.]

    2017 Schedule not yet complete, contact me if you are interested

    2 hours/week for 6 weeks
    1:30 pm Eastern US
    12:30 pm Central
    11:30 pm Mountain
    10:30 am Pacific
    6:30 pm UK
    Call-in details with registration

    Fee for this course: $350
    (Credit card and Paypal accepted--contact me to make other arrangements)

    I supply the manual and training, you are responsible for supplying the angel cards that will serve
    as a resource-Angel Blessings, by Kimberly Marooney, and are available at

    Please use the yellow form at the right to contact me about class schedules, questions
    and subscriber discounts (discount info given only to those already on my list).
Channeled Angelic Vocal
Toning & Light

A Powerful Angel-guided
Sound Therapy!
Contact me for
scheduling, enrollment,
payment, and subscriber
discount information.
I will reply via email.

    A Course for Angel Workers of all kinds!
This course is for you if:

  • You have a strong working partnership with Angels, and wish to
    go deeper
  • You wish to expand your command of the metaphysical realm
  • You are a healer wanting to provide deeper healing experiences for
    your clients.
  • You are a card reader wishing to add a strong healing dimension to
    your readings
  • You are open to allowing Divine manipulation of your voice for
    these purposes.

This is unlike any other toning course you may have seen or taken!
Like all of my trainings and courses, I will teach you to be guided by the
Angels, and get your ego mind out of the way. This means that there is
not a lot to memorize and learn except how to take deep guidance and
direction from the Angelic Realm, and what that guidance and direction
mean at a practical level for you and the client.

Instead of teaching you notes to create a particular effect, I will be
teaching you how to interpret the notes that the
Angels are producing
your voice!

What can you do with this Angelic Toning?

  • Chakra healing, clearing and balancing
  • energy balancing and alignment
  • emotional healing
  • dissolving blockages
  • aligning with specific energies or Angels during prayer &
  • bring forth healing toning during Card Readings
  • Angelic self-healing
  • Use in Blessings and Clearings
  • Bring deeper healing experiences and effects to any energy
    healing practice or modality
  • Experience the playful nature of the Angelic Realm through your
    toning connection!
Artwork by Rae Chichilnitsky
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