The Power of the Archetypes in our Lives

    Why have an Archetype Reading?

    Knowing what personal or tribal archetypes are active in a
    situation makes it easier to resolve, from a place of
  • What are the personality traits coming to the surface?
  • What are the wounds attached to these archetypes and the
    actions/reactions they are causing?
  • What is holding you back?
  • Archetype readings are a strong therapeutic tool for healing

    Through these readings, you will identify parts of yourself/others
    that want to be healed, and what makes you tick. They will help
    you understand why you are responding to any given situation in
    the way that you are.

    Basic readings and counseling: During these readings, I
    identify both the personal and tribal archetypes that are in play

  • Shadow Archetypes--discover the archetypes that are tripping
    you up, and how to recognize them when they are in play
  • Questions--Is there an issue you would like some deeper input
  • Relationship problems or questions: is this the right one
    for you, why is he/she acting this way, what tribal or personal
    archetypes are triggering discord?
  • Job, employment or money issues or decisions to get clarity
  • Health issues or decisions
  • Parenting issues--what are the archetypes dominating the
    situation (yours and theirs), and how to find the path of least
    resistance; either with your kids or your own parents.

    Fee for these readings is $50/hr.
    How much time will depend on how many issues we are

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    connect with you and coordinate a date/time.
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    Archetypes and their role in your life

    An Archetype is a subset of character and personality traits and associated behaviors that are part
    of our overall identity. These can be either personal or cultural in origin.

    These archetypes provide the program for your basic means of responding to the situations and events you
    will encounter in all areas of your life, while navigating your Soul Path. All Archetypes have a Light and a
    Shadow side, and can either help or hinder you as you move through your Soul mission. For instance, your
    Saboteur (one of the four archetypes we all have) can either warn you when you are getting ready to cut
    yourself off at the knees, or help you do it! Being aligned with the Light side of your Archetypes aligns you with
    your own personal Vortex of Prosperity and happiness.

  • Sometimes we just need to know what is happening, and how to deal with it.
  • Sometimes we need to release what does not serve us, so we can move on.
  • I offer you both.

    Personal Archetypes

    All of us have a set of personal Archetypes that
    determine how we respond to different aspects of
    our lives. We all have four in common, known as
    the Victim, Inner Child, Saboteur, and the
    Prostitute; then we have others that are
    programmed into our Soul Matrix, as part of our
    Divine Plan.

    Each Archetype governs a different aspect of our
    lives, and which are not the same in everyone. For
    example, you might have the Poet archetype
    presiding over your relationships, while someone
    else may also have a Poet archetype, but governing
    their career. In my readings, we identify not only
    the archetype, but what part of your life it impacts
    the most.

    Tribal Archetypes

    There are also what I call tribal archetypes,
    which are the beliefs, behaviors, philosophy,
    shared history, and "rules" derived from the
    things that govern how any particular cultural
    subset operates in the world. The tribal
    archetypes either come directly from family,
    religion, the social structure we live in, mass
    shared experience, or the geographical location
    we grow up in. They also come from our
    Generational Matrix--which is, in effect, an
    archive of tribal archetypes from our ancestors.
    These can include archetypes like those from
    the Great Depression; or archetypes formed
    from ethnic and cultural events like genocide,
    natural disasters and wars, to name a few. We
    ALL have these, lurking in our Generational
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    How can you Benefit from Archetype Release?

    Our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and other
    ancestors lived in way different times, conditions and cultures
    than we do, now, and had totally different experiences as part of
    their life paths. They lived through wars, famines, droughts,
    ethnic cleansing, the holocaust, severe and restrictive religious
    and spiritual systems and beliefs, economic chaos and loss,
    various types of discrimination, and much more that shaped the
    way they lived their lives.

    They lived in a time without technology as we know it, which is
    shaping the way we live, interact and work, and our children's
    culture.  There are many things our ancestors considered
    important, that just doesn't apply anymore. Much of their tribal
    survival response has no value for us in this time of our lives.

    The tribal archetypes that shaped their lives, very often
    create real problems for us in ours. We don't have to
    carry all our ancestors' baggage!

    The good news is that these can be lifted up from your
    matrix by spiritual means with the help of the angels.
    You can actually FEEL the release!

    Releasing them helps to get you un-stuck, and able to
    move forward.

    In this session, we will talk about the issues you are having, so
    that any non-serving archetypes--tribal or personal--can be
    identified. Then I will call in the angels to lift up this archetype
    from you, and to heal/repair/restore all damage and ill effects it
    has produced. It will be cleared from your matrix, DNA,
    Akashic records, and more. Then the angels will restore
    balance and harmony to your light bodies, and assist in the
    integration of this release.

    Fee for these sessions is $75/hr.

    Contact me in the yellow box above for me to connect
    with you and coordinate a date/time.