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Major Chakra Essences
Transpersonal Chakra Essences
Guide to Services
NEW!! Personal Chakra Healing Essences!
This series of essences is devoted to Chakra healing and balance.
Their purpose is to heal and release the chakra wounds that no longer serve you,
and restore your Chakras to their best state of funcion.

They are meant to be used at least weekly, as you spiral up in your cycles
of awareness, healing and soul attachment.

There are seven Major Chakra and four Transpersonal Chakra essences available.
Reference the diagram at right for location of these chakras,
and the charts below for their properties.

Purchase these individually, or as a set, OR buy the complete
Chakra Healing & Balancing Kit, described below.

Reference charts for all the Chakra essences are below the video
The Major Chakra Series
Angels creating
each essence
Located at the base of the spine, this chakra is our foundation. Related to our
bones, adrenals, our survival instincts, physical identity and the physical plane.
When this chakra is balanced we feel secure, grounded, fully present and
Archangel Raphael
Angel Phanuel
Home of the Emotional Body and sexuality, the sexual organs, bladder, prostate
and womb; Seat of the Soul, creative center, Ego identity, financial security.
When this chakra is balanced, we feel emotionally stable.
Archangel Raphael
Angel Anael/Haniel
Solar Plexus
Home of the Mental Body & Ego Mind. It is related to our will,
personal power, pancreas, digestive system and muscles.
When balanced we feel in our power, protected, spontaneous and energetic.
Archangel Raphael
Angel Metatron
Angel Uzziel
Home of our social identity, self-acceptance, love, relationships, lungs, heart,
chest and circulation. Provides balance between upper and lower chakras. A
balanced heart chakra allows us to give and receive love, feel compassion, peace,
unity and deeply centered.
Archangel Raphael
Archangel Chamuel
mouth, ears, throat, thyroid and parathyroid.
A balanced throat chakra allows for more effective communication, creativity
and self-expression.
Archangel Raphael
Archangel Gabriel
Third Eye
Related to light, archetypal identity, intuition, wisdom, the pituitary gland, eyes
and base of skull. When balanced it allows us to see physically and intuitively,
opening our psychic perception and allowing us to see the
‘bigger picture’.
Archangel Raphael
Angel Paschar
Related to thought, universal identity, spirituality, the pineal gland, upper skull,
cerebral cortex and skin. A balanced crown chakra brings us Divine Inspiration,
knowledge, understanding and a spiritual connection.
Archangel Raphael
Archangel Uriel
The Transpersonal Chakra Series (Beyond the body)
When these are not clear and open, we are kept from receiving
the Divine energies and guidance we depend upon for physical
and spiritual health and manifestation
Angels creating
each essence
Stellar Gateway
receives pure Divine Light and instructions, which is transmitted to our Soul Star chakra
Angel Metatron
Soul Star
This chakra acts like AC/DC adapter for pure Divine Light and instructions to our own Light
Matrix. Fear and spiritual parasites often shut this down or corrupt it, interfering with access
to our own Divine connection. If we are not vigilant, we can find ourselves being misguided by
forces that are not of the Light through this chakra portal!
Angel Metatron
Divine Inspiration, higher activations of the Crown, Brow and Throat, passed from the Soul
Star. Ego and spiritual parasites often interfere with this chakra’s function, and use it as a
gateway to our light bodies
Angel Metatron
Earth Star
Gateway to Gaia's Heart, Grounding; pathway for energies supporting physical existence and
our manifesting abilities. This is often shut down by entity activity or ego fears and is very
important to keep it open.
Angel Metatron
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For off-shore and
international  orders,
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    to stay in Balance!

    When your chakras are blocked or out of balance, the
    "data" they receive and transmit to your systems gets
    corrupted, and the energy flow is interrupted.

    This prevents the highest levels of energy resources
    from reaching you, and hinders the body's natural
    ability to restore, replenish and heal your systems,
    according to its Divine design.

    The health of our Chakra system is as important
    to our health and longevity as diet and exercise,
    maybe more.

    Now you can take care of these essential engines
    quickly and easily on a daily basis,

    Save time and money--and feel great--with daily chakra upkeep that
    you do at home, and can maintain throughout the day.

    When our chakras are functioning properly, we are calmer, more
    emotionally balanced--able to "go with the flow" more easily.
    Our immune systems are also better able to do the job they are
    designed to do.

    Great for Healers and Holistic practitioners, as well!!

    Chakra Kit Includes:
    1 oz/30 ml bottles of Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat,
    Third-Eye, and Crown
    PLUS instructions for use, listing of attributes for each chakra, dowsing
    charts for chakras and light bodies, and a light-body diagram for
    distance healing
    Price includes domestic shipping in US.

    Complete Chakra Kit is $130
    ~A value of over $160!!~

    Watch the video below to receive a sample chakra healing
    and learn how to use this kit!
    (It was my first attempt with facebook Live, so have patience! lol)