All the practices of Divine Interventions are considered
Complementary/Alternative/Holistic Health Care, and should
in no way and at no time be used as a substitute for medical
care from your own physicians.

Rev. Chris Oldham
Westminster, MD,
US & Worldwide via Phone or Skype
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The Aquarian Age is all about Using your Skills!

Now is the time to expand your knowledge and learn how to use your gifts--and to
help others with what you have learned. This is one of the most rewarding parts of what I do--
especially when I get to watch my students' passions ignited and their talents come into high
demand. Michael sends me the most incredible people to put under my wing, which never fails to
humble me. Will you be one of them?

Little did I know that when I chose Secondary Education as my degree choice, this is where it was
leading! All my life, I have been a teacher/mentor/counselor to others. Putting it in the context
of Spiritual Growth is like coming Home.

With the exception of the last course in the list, you can begin earning income
immediately with this training!

All the courses listed here are the products of my own experience, co-created with Angelic help
and guidance.They are all experience-based, as I teach you to detach from the mind and cultivate
your relationship with and trust of the Angels, to guide you in every aspect of these trainings.

    Divine Guidance Professional Card Reader Certification--become a certified card
    reader. Although originally certified through The Angel Ministry, I have been taught new
    methods and techniques by the Angels that no one else will teach you.

    Heartlight Angelic Healing Practitioner--Learn how to discover and heal issues at
    their source in our Light Body Matrix.  Discover the "map" of your Light bodies that tells
    you where everything is stored, so you can help your clients understand what is causing
    their issues, and where it came from.

    Archangel Michael's Basic Training for Everyone!--Learn to call on angels to
    provide the essential daily protections from harsh elements in our environment; and how to
    recognize those elements.

    Michael's Minions!--Learn how to banish the various varieties of entities, spirits, and
    more, who hold us from the Light--for yourself and others.

    Angel Song Toning--Bring the healing power and Light energies of the Angels into the
    world through your voice!

    Angelic Alchemy!--Learn how to use the gifts of spirit and the help of the Angels in many
    amazing ways--ways that would have been called witchcraft not that long ago. Once I open
    this door for you, the sky is the limit!

    Healing Humpty Dumpty--Just as it sounds, this is a course to help people put their
    lives back together after traumatic events--or to learn how to deal with future upheavals.
    Learn the basics of Spiritual practices and knowledge to help you in almost any situation!