All the practices of Divine Interventions are considered
Complementary/Alternative/Holistic Health Care, and should
in no way and at no time be used as a substitute for medical
care from your own physicians.

Rev. Chris Oldham
Westminster, MD,
US & Worldwide via Phone or Skype
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    "Heaven in a Bottle!"
    The healing power and love of the Angels, stored and transmitted
    through the energetic miracle of water!
Guide to Services

    These essences are very active and direct infusions of
    Angelic Sound and Light frequencies, channeled through me or
    applied directly to the water.

    They are coded for each specific purpose, which calls in the Angels to
    direct the healing properties where they are needed!

    They act upon your Physical and Light Matrix and electrical systems
    at all levels and aspects of your Being, to bring about releases and
    clearings, which allow Divine energies to restore a higher state of
    function, facilitating healing and
    spiritual growth.

    This is done in just minutes a day!

    What can Angel Song™ Essences offer you?

  • Divine Balance, Self-Love, Soul Healing
  • Healing and release of emotional wounds & fears
  • Spiritual Protection
  • Immune support and physical healing help
  • Releasing blocks to prosperity
  • Healing from Loss & Grief, Releasing Stress & Anxiety
  • Aligning with your soul path and mission
  • Chakra healing, clearing and balance, and much, much, more!

    Each 1 oz. bottle contains approx. 600 drops of essence.
    At an average of 3 drops per dose, that is 200 doses per bottle,
    or ten cents per treatment!!
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NEW FOR 2017!!

This powerful Angelic prescription
brings balance to energies; mind;
emotions; yin/yang;
Soul Star/Earth Star polarities;
grounds and centers.

Strongly identifies what is
out of balance for healing

Listed on Catalog page 2
    Choosing the Essences that are right for You
Essence Directory
Use this table to determine the essences that are right for any situation, for yourself, your clients, your business, etc.
Download and use the Angel Song Essence dowsing chart to choose what is right for your needs.--->>>>
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CATALOG page 1

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Dedicated pages,
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    Love Essences
  1. I Love Myself
  2. I Love My Body
  3. I Love All That Is
  4. Opening to Receive

    Spiritual Growth
  1. Heartlight Angelic Healing
  2. God’s Playground
  3. Micah’s Healing
  4. Akashic Records Clearing
  5. Soul Healing
  6. Vortex of Prosperity
  7. Accentuate the Positive!
  8. The Golden Ratio/Phi

  1. Root
  2. Sacral
  3. Solar Plexus
  4. Heart
  5. Throat
  6. Third-eye
  7. Crown
  8. Stellar Gateway
  9. Soul Star
  10. Causal
  11. Earth Star

    I AM Essences
  1. I AM Centered
  2. I AM Grateful
  3. I AM Forgiving
  4. I AM Surrendering
  5. I AM Prosperous
  6. I AM Powerful
  7. I AM Awesome!

    Divine Qualities
  1. Divine Connection
  2. Divine Passion
  3. Divine Love
  4. Divine Truth
  5. Divine Grace
  6. Divine Inspiration
  7. Divine Blueprint
  8. Divine Balance

  1. 174 Hz Pain relief
  2. 285 Hz Organ repair
  3. 396 Hz Release guilt
  4. 417 Hz Assists Change
  5. 528 Hz Miracles/DNA
  6. 639 Hz Relationships
  7. 741 Hz Solve/Clearing
  8. 852 Hz Intuition/Divine Order
  9. Oneness/Integration

    Balance & Release
  1. Detaching from Fear
  2. Ego Detachment
  3. What no longer Serves
  4. Stress and Anxiety
  5. Grief and Loss
  6. Financial Inflow Blocks
  7. Feelin' Groovy!

    The Angels
  1. Archangel Michael
  2. Archangel Zadkiel (Prayer)
  3. Archangel Gabriel (Authenticity)
  4. Metatron (Mind)
  5. Uzziel (Faith)
  6. Charmienne (Harmony)
  7. Zagzagel (Wisdom)
  8. Remliel (Awakening)
  9. Sandalphon (Power)
  10. The Seraphim Angels

  1. Healing & Immunity Support
  2. Fear Buster
  3. Funk Blaster!
  4. Abundance!
  5. Inner Child
  6. Worthiness
  7. Divine Fusion

    Spiritual Protection
  1. Michael’s Clear & Shield
  2. Cancel the Invitation
  3. Boundaries
  4. Violet Flame
  5. Energetic Immunity
  6. Pineal Health & Protection
  7. Spiritual Protection Plus

    Specialty Kits
  1. 2017 Survival Kit!
  2. Chakra Healing & Balancing Kit
  3. Healer's Kit for Practitioners

    You will find full sets of each
    Category at a 10% discount on this
    page, also.
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