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Angel Essences

Archangel Michael
Angel of Divine Guardianship;
Protector of our Soul journey:

Michael’s main task is to get us
from birth to death, having
completed and reached the
goals of our own Divine Plan.
This essence is meant to help
us “see” our path, keep us
aligned with it, and to
discourage distractions and

Angel Remliel
Angel of Awakening:

Connects us to our Higher
Self in a way that facilitates
the raising of our
vibrational frequencies,
helping us integrate our
newfound gifts and
abilities into  common use
in the physical plane, as we
move up the Soul Spiral on
our path of Ascension.

Angel Charmienne
Angel of Harmony:

Helps us move into
Harmony with our Soul
Mission and Soul Identity,
supports expression of our
authentic self; aids
integration of changes in
our light body matrix due to
healing, release and
spiritual growth.

Angel Zagzagel
Angel of Wisdom

Assists in recognizing
and integrating the
Divine Wisdom and
Truths being shown to us
through our experiences,
teaching us ever deeper
truths as we apply this
wisdom at higher levels
of our Soul Spiral.
The Seraphim Angels
Highest choir of Angels
    The Seraphim Angels will work through this essence to support our Spiritual
    Growth and move us forward, teaching us the true power and application of
    Divine Love in all aspects and levels of our existence.

Angel Sandalphon
Angel of Divine Power

Creates deep recognition of our
true Divine Power and gifts,
while supporting profound
trust in our innate abilities to
access and use it. Protects from
that which would take our
power from us. Provides a
measure of defense from
“energy vampires”.

Archangel Zadkiel
Angel of Prayer:

Clears the way for our
prayers to be answered!
Helps to remove both
external and internal
blocks and resistance to
sending and receiving.

Angel Metatron
Angel of

Supports mental clarity and
focus, helps us to rise into
our Higher Mind—
minimizing the pull of ego

Angel Uzziel
Angel of

Helps us maintain our
Faith and Trust,
releasing doubt; also aids
in releasing false or
non-serving beliefs.
Guide to Services
The Spiritual Growth Essences
These essences are meant to support Spiritual Growth. They help with the deep releases, and the
energetic and emotional integration of these changes as you move into closer alignment with your soul.

Divine Connection
Archangel Zadkiel,
Angel of Prayer and
Divine access:

Opens and purifies your
connection to Divine
Wisdom and Guidance;
helps in transmission of
prayers to Divine Source.

Divine Passion
Angel Ramaela, Angel of
Joy; Angel Micah, Angel of
Divine Plan

Connects you with and
ignites your Soul's Passion!
Aligns you with your True
Path and Soul Mission.
Works to clear obstacles,
wounds and fears blocking
your Passion from
expressing into the world.

Divine Love
Angel Hadraniel,
Angel of Divine Love:

Brings in the healing energies
of Divine Love, to help us
“remember”, at all levels of
our Being, who we truly are,
and detach from the things
that pull us from this Truth,
aligning us with our core.

Divine Truth
Angel Amitiel,
Angel of Truth:

Helps us to see and identify
the underlying truths
beneath the surface
illusions, which aids in
detachment from these
Divine Grace
Angel Ananchel,
Angel of Grace:
Helps us detach from the
lower mental and
emotional energies of ego;  
in recognition that all is
well and truly as it should
be, and proceeding
according to Divine Will,
Timing and Order.
Divine Inspiration
Archangel Uriel,
Angel of Ministration

Stuck for ideas or
inspiration for any purpose?
This is the essence to use!
Release limited thinking,
and open up to the creative
flow that is aligned with
your current needs.
Divine Blueprint
Angel Micah, Angel of Divine
Angel Iofiel, Angel of Beauty
and Patterns

Illuminates the pathways,
patterns and properties of our
own Divine Blueprint, which
exists in our matrix and DNA;
heals and restores corrupted,
blocked or damaged portions,
along with any upgrades and
Divine design alterations that
have been made.
Multiple Angels!

This powerful Angelic
prescription brings balance
to energies; mind;
emotions; yin/yang;
Soul Star/Earth Star
grounds and centers.
Identifies what is
out of balance for healing.
The "Angel" Essences
These angels wanted to be represented with essences that hold only their energies, and offer help in ways only they can!
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The "I Love" Essences
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Chakra Essences I
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Four Trans-personal Chakras
Releasing Essences
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Spiritual Protection
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Spiritual Growth
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The Divine Essences
Full set of seven essences
The Angel Essences
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Spiritual Growth Essences
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Divine Essences
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The "Divine" Essences
This series holds the pure energies and properties of these Divine elements.

These are 1 oz.
sealed dropper
bottles of
spring water,
infused with
Angelic sound
and Light.
Cider vinegar is
the preservative
Card attached
describes what
the essence does.
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international  orders,
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Heartlight Healing
Archangel Raphael (Healing);
Angel Hadraniel (Divine Love):
Contains the Golden Light energies of the Heartlight Angelic Healing™ modality.
Use to address any issues that need healing--physical, mental, emotional or spiritual,
even life and relationship issues.
God’s Playground
Archangel Jophiel,
Angel of Creative Power:
Opens us up to the fullness, possibilities and potential of our own divine creative
power in all areas of our lives—helps in problem-solving, thinking beyond limiting
beliefs, artistic and creative endeavors of all kinds, manifesting into the physical realm.
Micah’s Healing
Angel Micah,
Angel of Divine Plan
Facilitates the healing and restoration of corrupted parts of the Divine Plan coding in
your matrix, and puts you back in alignment with your path! Helps release stuck-ness
that comes from being out of alignment and moving in the wrong direction.
Vortex of Prosperity
Angel Fortunata (Prosperity):
Moves you into alignment and vibrational resonance with your Soul Mission and
Divine Gifts, the path to true prosperity. Works by clearing the things that are keeping
you from being in your vortex.
Akashic Records Clearing
Angel Raziel (Knowledge),
The Angels work through this essence to clear from you and your Akashic Records all
that is not part of your current Divine Plan, and clears the residual energy of vows,
contracts, curses, soul connections, and Past life trauma that have been removed.
Soul Healing
Angel Micah, (Divine Plan),
Angel Raziel (Akashic Records
Brings healing to Soul wounds, releases non-serving Soul attachments, restores the
Soul template, true Soul Identity and Mission. Helps to release and clear co-dependent
attributes, leading to stronger awareness of your authentic Self.
Accentuate the Positive!
Angel Metatron (mind); Angel
Ramaela (Joy)
Illuminates and encourages positive mental focus and thought processes. Releases ego
attachment to negative focus. Brings positive, light-filled energy to the very cells of the
body! Awesome support for physical healing!
The Golden Ratio/Phi
Angel Metatron
(Sacred Geometry)
Brings opposing elements to a Divine balance of  Phi, or the Golden Ratio frequency.
Assists in the integration of our True Self, accelerating ascension. Creates harmony
and balance between opposing aspects of a whole—supports unity.
Can be used by healers to accelerate clients' integration
of energy healing.