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Guide to Services
~Angelic Savings and New Services~
#3--Negative emotional state, physical pains/maladies,
trouble keeping focused, feeling drained?
Comprehensive Clearing, Shielding
and Entity removal Session

    As an Angel Minister, and a Divine Guardian, I have been trained by the angels
    to deal with every conceivable aspect of clearing and protection. This includes:

  • normal procedures for clearing energy fields and cutting cords, entity discernment and
    removal by the angels, then placing protective shielding around you
  • Then I go to work clearing, healing and detaching the things that are
    causing and creating these densities and entity attachments. This is what
    makes my services unique!!
  • In addition, I clear agreements, portals, contracts, curses, hexes, psychic attacks and
  • Contributing attachments or connections like past, ancestral and parallel lifetimes are
    addressed, as well, and the appropriate measures are taken to deal with them.
  • Your Akashic records, DNA, Generational matrix and etheric matrix, and other
    extensions of your Being are cleared, as well.
  • Chakra balancing and alignment & Aura healing/restoration
  • Lastly, I call in the angels to bring healing and light--asking for repair of your matrix, in
    alignment with your Divine Blueprint
  • This is a snapshot of what my Clearing service will do for you, as it is actually even
    more involved than this!!

    This session takes about 90 minutes;  $111

    Contact me in the box below
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