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All the practices of Divine Interventions are considered
Complementary/Alternative/Holistic Health Care, and should
in no way and at no time be used as a substitute for medical
care from your own physicians.

Rev. Chris Oldham
Westminster, MD,
US & Worldwide via Phone or Skype
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    Healing services, to help restore balance and the flow of Light in your bio-fields--
    allowing your natural state to be restored:


  1. New technology!! Choice Point Therapy, travel back in time and be reconstructed!
  2. Heartlight Angelic Healing--my first modality healing from the Light Bodies, using
    Angelic partnerships, introduced on 1/11/11!
  3. Archetype Release Therapy--Releases another cause of feeling stuck!
  4. DNA/Akashic Therapy--includes Past Lives and Ancestral issues.
  5. Relationship Healing for couples or groups--All relationships have their own,
    composite Light Body, similar to the principles of the Mastermind group. This structure can
    identify areas of discord, which can then be healed.
An expression of thanks:

I  just want to take the time out to give
a big THANK YOU to
Rev. Chris Oldham for her work
and dedication to healing.

After working with her for some months
I have accomplished
HUGE breakthroughs and have
been able to clear up several issues from
this life and the past for myself and my
family. I truly feel blessed
to have her in my life; and up until
this point have not met a
"Guardian Angel Incarnate",
which I now
firmly believe Chris is.

I send forth all my love and blessings to
her with gratitude. Thank you again!


"Heaven in a Bottle!" Angel Song essences are a great
complementary healing source.

These essences are like Angelic Healing sessions in a bottle!

Each one serves a purpose designed to help you move closer
to your Soul's truth, and your Soul's calling.