All the practices of Divine Interventions are considered
Complementary/Alternative/Holistic Health Care, and should
in no way and at no time be used as a substitute for medical
care from your own physicians.

Rev. Chris Oldham
Westminster, MD,
US & Worldwide via Phone or Skype
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Self-knowledge is also a critical part of the Unfolding process

Sometimes, knowing the what and why of what is happening is not enough. Very often, we
need help learning how to get through and out from under the situations we find ourselves in.

Depending upon your needs, this is where either
Illumination Counseling or Spiritual Coaching
can be of enormous help!

    You have come to GROUND ZERO--the place to quench your desire to get
    the answers and receive the guidance you need and want!

Moving forward--in our lives or on our spiritual paths--can be very difficult without the proper
information to help us make informed decisions and choices. For each of us, there are two
sources of knowledge and guidance available. One is our own internal intuitive compass--
which is wonderful when we are correctly tuned into it, and that can be difficult to know.

The other is
Divine Guidance from the Angels, Ascended Masters, and Spirit Guides. These
Divine Emissaries have one true purpose, and that is to help us; and guide us to make choices
that fulfill our Divine Plan goals and Soul's desire.

As a professionally certified reader and Angel Minister, I offer readings in these four
categories. Often, the angels working through me give not only guidance, but also provide
healing during these sessions.

  1. Angel and Oracle card message and guidance sessions in many formats
  2. Tarot readings with the Angel Tarot decks
  3. Archetype readings and charts--identify archetypal personality patterns at work in
    any situation, or even the basic Soul characteristics governing each of your zodiac houses
    (from the work of Carolyn Myss)
  4. Heavenly Messages--Card readings in which the Angels bring through messages from
    your loved ones! (These are included on the Angel & Tarot page, at the bottom)


Below is a message I received from one of my Illumination Counseling clients.

"May this message be one of many gifts, as you have been to me, ...
as you helped me open to the divine that is inside.  
You work with the Angels, but to me always you have been one yourself.

You helped me to see when I couldn't, to perceive before I knew to look,
and to believe even when I thought that I couldn't.  

You have been an inspiration to me, and your words, your deeds, your Being
have helped me to reawaken to my own.  Thank you for being my guardian angel,
and thank you for you for helping me to recognize
that there were Angels already there.  
God bless you."

Great readings this morning!
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I also say thank you, thank you, thank you
to the Angels, Guides, Messengers, Light
Beings and all who worked with you
for my benefit.
Anita C.
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